Future Ready


Zoom Sessions

All sessions will take place via Zoom. Below are in depth descriptions of the sessions available. Registration is required for most sessions.

February 8

Kickoff to Future Ready--Recording

Watch the session recording below. For detailed schedule of presenters and presentation times, see the "Schedule" tab above.

February 15:

Interview Skills

Wondering what questions employers will ask? Want some feedback on how to best answer those questions? Join Brigid Julien, a Wegmans Recruiter, at 4:00pm as she discusses all this and more. No registration required, simply click on the link below to join!

Resume Writing

Stuck on your resume? Want to make it stand out? Meet with Wegmans Recruiter, Megan Bianchi to discuss best practices for resume writing and make your resume the best it can be! Session begins at 5:00pm. No registration required, simply click on the link below to join!

Let's Talk Money

Need some help with taxes? Budgeting? Managing your money? Join Annette Campbell from the Tax Experience for a presentation that covers all things money! Session begins at 5:30pm. No registration required, simply click on the link below to join!

The Employment Cover Letter

Are you ready to get the JOB? Let's make sure your cover letter is convincing . Join Lisa A. Johnson of the H.O.P.E. Technology and Literacy Recovery Center in this cover letter writing workshop on how to write a cover letter that will grab potential employers' attention. Workshop will begin at 6:00pm.

February 22

Wegmans Interviews: Register Your Interest

NOTE: This link is only to register your interest in interviewing with Wegmans as part of this event. Once you register, a member of the Wegmans Recruitment Team will be in touch to schedule the date and time for your interview. INTERVIEWS WILL NOT BE CONDUCTED VIA THE ZOOM LINK BELOW.

WellVentions Job Training and Career Exposure Internships

Please download the WellVentions application here https://www.prosperroc.com/application.

Once we receive your completed application, a WellVentions student will reach out to schedule the time for your Zoom interview. Scheduled interviews will be conducted on Tuesday, February 22, between 4:30 and 7:00pm.


URMC: Opportunities Overview

This link is to sign up for an opportunities overview session on February 22. Sessions are 1 hour long and will review the positions offered, any qualifications needed, and how to apply. You will have the chance to ask questions and learn more about both the jobs open now and career opportunities available at URMC through these conversation-based sessions.

Benefits of Supportive Employment

This conversational workshop discusses the beneficial relationship of having a supportive mentor navigate out of school youth through post-secondary opportunities. This workshop highlights the support services offered to youth who are seeking to be placed in a work experience related to their career goals. The presenter will discuss the onboarding process, itemize the incentive package, and discuss the employment readiness training seminars. To be eligible for this program, students must be out of school, age 17 to 24. Out of school is any person, aged 17-24, with or without a high school diploma or equivalency.

Zoom Info:

Meeting ID: 231 711 5603

Passcode: JjkYs4